Good news: 🎉 Group Tab AI v1.3.1 is now updated! 🚀

Hey buddies, Group Tab AI has been upgraded again! This time, we are introducing Group Tab AI v1.3.1, which allows you to manage tabs more conveniently and efficiently. Let's see what surprises this version brings!

The updated Auto Group Tab option now supports reusing existing groups, reducing confusion and improving your organizational efficiency. Isn't that great? In addition, we have improved the positioning of tabs so that they no longer shift, making it easier for you to find the tabs you need. 👌


These improvements not only make your browsing smoother and more enjoyable but also add more fun and interest to your tab management process. 😁 Come and try the new features of Group Tab AI v1.3.1!

Thank you for using Group Tab AI. We will continue to bring you more surprises! 🎁

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